Assay Development

A Molecular Diagnostic company needed to ramp up their assay development team for a targeted sequencing platform. We provided a team and laboratory space with expertise in DNA/RNA sample preparation and amplification methods to develop assay workflows and technology for the library preparation and clonal amplification.

Project Management & Strategy

A Next Gen Sequencing company needed guidance on how to set priorities, organize a team and allocate resources for an automation project. We provided a Project Lead and Sr. Scientist to accelerate the project.


A company needed help taking an early proof-of-concept instrument and micro-fluidic cartridge for multiplex quantitative protein detection and developing it into a robust product. Arete redesigned the instrument and cartridge to ensure manufacturability and robustness.


Where we add the most VALUE: 

Ramping up an assay development or engineering teams for early stage product development.
Providing just-in-time access to a laboratory or engineering space together with a supportive team.
Supplying expertise on team building, project management, and product design.



Where we can help you find ADDITIONAL RESOURCES:

Identifying an appropriate full-scale product development house and/or contract manufacturing organization.
Connecting international partners for user experience studies, local needs assessment, market research and channel partnership.
Gaining access to the Global Health and Impact Investment communities.